Mr. Wang Guangfa, Chairman of Fazheng Group

Fazheng Industry


Education Industry: Education prevails in the twenty-first century. The education section of Fazheng Group is training a cadre of elite leaders who hold an international perspective in the world as their vision beginning with basic education from kindergarten, primary school, middle school, to international high school and so on, as well as some specialist departments such as overseas education and education training. The whole education section is equipped with comprehensive facilities and products, including fully covered K-12 international courses of curriculum integration, distance education on the Internet with IPstar, on-line and off-line education in cooperation with overseas returnees and foreign teachers, as well as career planning and professional development.


Medical Industry: Fazheng Group keeps growing with people's well-being in mind, bears on social responsibility, improves people's well-being constantly, insists on being models in the fields and promotes traditional Chinese medicine culture, dedicating to creating a comprehensive health pattern with the integration of clinical, teaching, research, pharmaceutical, health care, hospital management, Chinese medicine museum and study on life culture.  The Group sponsored Royal Hospital in 2003 and took the lead in achieving innovative management mode of separation of dispensing from prescription and separation of prescription from management, gradually grew into the only private Grade III-A general hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in Beijing, the designated point with universal medical health care coverage and NCMS designated medical institution in Beijing, as well as the supporting institution of NSFC (Category A), which undertakes the mission as Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital, education and training base of Peking University Health Science Center and supporting hospital for the Future Science City, satisfying medical and health care demands for one million people nearby.


Real estate industry: Fazheng Group, as the pioneer in domestic real estate industry, has been adhering to the development concept of "boutique community, superior infrastructure, freedom and respect for the dignity of humanity and people's livelihood". Since its establishment in 1993, the Royal Community launched Yabei's "ice-breaking" development, driving the real estate trend in Beijing. In the process of development over 20 years, Fazheng real estate section continuously creates beautiful, safe and polite noble communities, high-level businesses and livelihood projects, and constructs high-level apartments, single family houses and town houses, office buildings, hospitals, schools and so on, making a renowned comprehensive real estate industry with the integration of development, decorative building construction and property service in Beijing.


Consulting services: Fazheng Group has been paying attention to macro-policy and entity economy, as well as policy study. Fazheng Group is dedicated to national think-tank support, offering advice and suggestions for China's development and governance in perspective of globalization, which not only provides strong intelligent support for the Group's future industry development, but makes contributions to the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development and innovative country building. The New Century Academy on Transnational Corporations in the Group, aims at the study on global economic slow-down, enterprise compliance, and has hosted several international conferences, published research findings and enjoys a high reputation in the field.


Other industries: the Group covers varied industries, invests advanced resources in the world, insists on inclusiveness and science development on the basis of international perspectives and global strategies

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